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TESS-SAN aims to get into the market with ecofriendly and standart quality products with the cheapest prices by providing TS-ISO 9001/14001 Management System Standards to meet the consumer and the market needs.

For this purpose;

  • Providing customer satisfaction and confidence by meting customer demands economically on time and for the first time,
  • Cooperating with the suppliers to increase the product quality starting from the source,
  • Achieving the production with zero mistake rate by using developed and current Technologies and increasing the competitive quality,
  • Providing a continuous improvement by meeting the requirements of the quality management system,
  • Increasing the staff efficiency by arranging regular educations,
  • Serving technical service as after sales facilities are our ‘QUALITY POLICY’.



TESS-SAN is a continuously self-improved corporation which operates in metal working industry and supports its investments with the projects.

Our environmental policy includes all from entry of the raw materials to the facilities which affect directly or indirectly production, sales&marketing, recycling processes.

Within the framework of TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards;

  • Protecting environment from the possible effects of our products and services with our conciousness of environmental responsibility and our sustainability belief.
  • Improving our environment performance continuously and using our sources without polluting or spoiling their natural balances.
  • Ensuring the application with technologies which cause min. residue by adopting the continuous improvement method.
  • Taking precautions to disarm the residues.
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities to its staff, suppliers, customers and environment that interacted with.
  • Doing the requirements to minimize the factors which affect environment negatively are our ‘ENVIRONMENT POLICY’.


As TESS-SAN, our prior goal is to create a healthy and safe work environment according to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System by caring the national and international regulations and adopting continuous improvement and zero occupational work accident policy.

Our aim is; managing the OHS Management System with Quality and Environment Management Systems all together at every works and making a policy which is adopted by our staff so as to provide sustainability.

In this direction;

  • Meeting all legal and other regulations about OHS,
  • Adopting the OHS improvement facilities are common responsibilities of all employees,
  • Determining and removing the possible accident risks or insecure situations which may cause work accidents or occupational illnesses by making a risk assesment,
  • Educating the staff about OHS and creating a conscious work environment,
  • Guessing the possible situations that may arise in the future by considering the development of global world and reviewing the continuous improvement and our situation,
  • Increasing the efficiency by aiming zero work accident and occupational illness rates and taking precautions about them.
  • Starting regular inspection and evaluation programmes and taking precautions about tracking and accepting improvements and maket hem get into life,
  • Staying connected to the all applied legal regulations,

We make a commitment about sustainability of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System as our ‘OHS POLICY’.

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