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Our primary goal is to be a company which uses all the details of chemistry while producing metal surface finishing chemicals with pioneer, ecofriendly and innovative approaches, giving importance to human health and broaden its product range sustainable and steady gains as being a prudent company to its employees and consumers. As we are making significant investments to the R&D department for placing on the market with different products to meet every needs of our customers. We have all kind of equipments, substances and an expert staff doing the all kind of analysis.

Our Values;

Customer Satisfaction:

It is our primary goal that our products and services are appreciated by our customers.


To provide opportunities for our employees to develop, to provide them with the necessary trainings, to increase their knowledge and experience, to improve their skills and to do all of these under the consciousness of teamwork.

Acquisition :

To become a “GREEN COMPANY” by producing environmentally friendly products and to make our earnings sustainable in line with all these principles, to expand our market share in Turkey and abroad and to continue our activities as a global Turkish Company.


Our vision is to be a global Turkish firm which is known in the market with manufacturer identity, has both domestic and foreign marketshares with ecofriendly, strong research basis, takes as principle change and development as being always ready against to its competents.

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